The dream.

A decadent soiree in a grand Parisian Chateau.
The siblings, owners of a successful clothing label, honoured guests.
The host, Jean-Luc Godard, perched in his directors’ chair, talked quietly with Anna Karina as he bemusedly studied the revellers.
Mick Jagger was there, dancing with a mermaid, dressed in a shirt that bore his image atop the bodies of bugs.
Vivienne Westwood was there too, laughing and drinking with a band of young punks, inviting the pair to show their wares at her upcoming NGA retrospective.
In the corner, the devilish young lady, Miss Alpha, whispered sweet nothings into Alex’s ear. Seductive promises of success should they adopt her likeness as their figurehead.
Alone on a balcony they found Lemmy Caution, who spoke of his escape from Alphaville. How he cast aside the shackles of tedium imposed upon him by the inhuman machine, Alpha60. How he eluded a future that would lack rhythm, colour and poetry.

With Caution’s inspiring words still ringing in their ears, the technicolour dream came to its close.
Upon waking, breathless with excitement, Georgina rushed to Alex’s crisp, stiff shirts, tattooing them with the images of Miss Alpha, Caution and Jagger.
Alex fell in love with them, as she knew he would.
Their revolt had begun.

Inspired by change, theirs is a rebellion against the status quo.